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). [6] AV star Kaoru Kuroki has been credited with raising the status of AV idols in the public"s eye. [29]In one of the longer and more prolific AV actress careers, Aika Miura averaged one film a month over a seven-year period,[49] She starred in the theatrically released, widescreen film Aika Miura - Streetcar Ecstasy in 2001,[50] and retired in 2002, seven years after her AV debut. Thus, the concern that countries with a high level of availability of sexually explicit material will suffer from the increase in the number of sexual offences, not confirmed, however, reducing the number of sexual crimes in Japan during the period of the study could occur under the influence of various factors[6]. Yin represented the vagina and the liquid, wetting female genitals. Slightly clogged and infantile wife in Japan.

Some women wishing to appear in AVs apply to the production companies, but they are usually referred to the talent agencies. For the same reason, the house and the inner chambers were not in the sphere of intimate, private life, and sex with his wife was sent to perform the reproductive functions, and not on getting carnal pleasure. From the beginning of 1990-ies the image of Schoolgirls began to be actively used in pornography.


According to this publication, the assumption that one of the 400 students were in a porno, is a standard assumption[2]. "Dreamer" is a film about a young artist caught in the chair at the dentist under anesthesia and at the same time hallucinates about a pretty young girl, whom he met in the lobby and sees her subjected to all kinds of sexual abuse by a sadistic dentist. The woman was understood as the youngest Yin, that is a evil Yin, because even in the most passive woman is present active element Jan. "[1] The image of Schoolgirls as representatives of the modernized society was formed in Japan in the early XX century. "Dreamer" in 1981, moreover, became the first Japanese feature film with scenes of non-simulated sex. Japanese researcher Atsuhiko Nakamura[ja], the author of the book series "Nameless woman" (jap.), on the basis of hundreds of interviews with Japanese porn actress came to the conclusion that every year in the porn industry comes over 6,000 young girls, most of whom are looking for easy money and are ready to leave the business, earning enough for a comfortable existence. Hitomi Kobayashi"s career in the AV field would last for over a decade and a half, earning her the title "Japan"s Queen of Adult Video. Thus in legal system of prostitution was abolished In November 1951 80 women"s organizations at the initiative of the women"s Christian temperance societies created the Council against the revival of the system of licensed prostitution Spit sado fukkatsu kahiki) and started a movement for the transformation of the Imperial Ordinance No. In December 1995, Ganari Takahashi founded the AV studio Soft On Demand, which would become the largest independent adult video company in Japan and notable for its creative approach to adult videos.

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